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Dec. 28th, 2010 10:51 am
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Okay gang. Behind the cut are several banners for 14Valentines. I'll be putting more of them up over the next day or so, but I wanted to get these up ASAP. :) If you want to post one in your journal just copy and paste! If you want to contribute banners, please feel free to comment to this post with your creations. :D

banners! )

Also, we still need guest essayists! The following days are still available and I would be grateful for any volunteers.

01: Body Image
02: Transgender Issues
03: Health
04: Reproductive Rights and Motherhood

05: Sexuality
06: Sexual Assault
07: Domestic Violence

08: Political Action
09: Athletics
10: Women of Color
11: Economics and Poverty
12: Women's Work
13: Education
14: Arts & Entertainment

If you would like to write a 350-500 word essay (personal OR academic), please comment to this post with your contact information.

Also also! We have one volunteer for round-ups and I'm hoping to get a few more. It's not a long or involved process, honest! Again, please comment with your contact info.

We go live in 33 days! Are you excited? I am!

Mod Post

Dec. 22nd, 2010 11:17 am
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Hey everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season/December!

The schedule for 14 Valentines 2011 is behind the cut. As you'll see, there are some slight changes from last year. Behold, the cut:

Schedule! )

On to the second point of business: essays )

Oh look, it's a third point of business! round-up coders needed! )

Moving on, there's fourth and fifth points of business, which are shockingly not going behind a cut!

-fourth point- Banners advertising 14 Valentines will be going up this week, before the weekend. I'd love it if you would post them and/or invite your friendslist to participate with us this year.

-fifth point- I'm considering having prompt posts for comment fic and graphics (meme style) as part of 14 Valentines this year, with a focus on women and female characters. Your thoughts, my dears? Good idea/bad idea?

And finally, the sixth point of business: 2011 is the last year where we will be linking to fic featuring male characters. (If you've already started your contributions, don't worry, you're cool for this year. We do, however, encourage you to write about women for 14 V!) This has been a long time coming, I know, but this community exists to bring attention to women and women's issues, and using it to bring more attention to female characters feels appropriate.

Thank you for your time! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's contributions in a month and ten days, and crossing my fingers for volunteers!



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